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Business: Books

Subject Searching

The basic Library Catalog search is a keyword search--you simply type your search terms into the box, and the catalog retrieves all the items that have your search terms in their catalog records.

Searching by subject is another way to find materials that focus on your topic. Each item in the Library Catalog has one or more subject terms (headings) assigned to it, When you search by subject, you retrieve only the items that have the subject for which you searched. To make a subject heading more specific, subheadings are added after it. A subheading is separated from the main heading by a double dash (--). Here are some good headings and subheadings for business topics: 


Banks and banking

Business enterprises




Globalization -- economic aspects

Industrial management

Industrial relations

International business enterprises

International trade


Labor Market


Small business

Once you have your subject terms, to search by subject in the Library Catalog, in the dropdown list under "Search for," select "Subject." 

To find subject headings for a subject you are studying, first use keyword searching to find some books on your general topic. Then look at their records and see what subject terms they have. You can use the subject links in the catalog records to retrieve all the items with the same subject. However, this linking scheme has some quirks, so if it seems like it is returning far too many (or too few) items, try using the Library Catalog (aka Advanced Search) screen and a Subject or Subject Phrase search with your terms.

Call Numbers

If you want to browse the library stacks, you can use these call numbers to find books on business topics.

HA Statistics

HB Economic theory. Demography

HB615-715 Entrepreneurship. Risk and uncertainty.

HC Economic history and conditions

HD Industries. Land use. Labor

HD28-70 Management. Industrial management

HD72-88 Economic growth, development, planning

HDHD101-1395.5 Land use

HD1401-2210 Agriculture

HD2321-4730.9 Industry

HD4801-8943 Labor. Work. Working class

HD9000-9999 Special industries and trades

HE Transportation and communications

HF Commerce

HF5001-6182 Business

HG Finance

HJ Public finance

These books can be found on the second floor of the library stacks. Remember that given the interdisciplinary nature of liberal arts studies, you may find useful books with other call numbers too.

Interlibrary Loan--WorldCat

To find books from thousands of other libraries and request them through interlibrary loan, use WorldCat FirstSearch. You can search for books, journals, audiovisual materials, dissertations, and many other material types. When you find a resource you think would be useful in your research, you can fill out an interlibrary loan form, and Nash Library will request the book from another library. 

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