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Online Collections

Many art museums have online collections with digital surrogates of the original works in their collections. They often include information about the artist, date, dimensions, medium, and history of each work. This is a short list of links to online museum collections, including Oklahoma art museums. 

World Museums

Oklahoma Museums

Online Exhibits & Aggregated Collections

Fair Use of Arts Materials

Here are guides to how fair use applies specifically to images.

Visual Resources Association--Statement on Fair Use The VRA is an organization concerned about images as information resources and their educational use. This statement addresses the fair use of images in teaching, research, and study.

Visual Resources Association--Digital Image Rights Computator This tool can help you determine whether a a use you are considering for a digital image is fair use.

Stanford University Libraries--Artwork, Visual Arts, and Audiovisual Cases This is part of Stanford's Summaries of Fair Use Cases page. Summaries of several fair use cases are given, including what the important factors were in deciding whether the work constituted fair use.

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