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Education and Children's Books: Reference on Children's Books

Reference Sources

This page focuses on reference sources about children's books. The next tab, Children's Books, focuses on the books themselves. 

References sources are useful for getting a general overview of a topic. They do not formulate new ideas or interpretations; rather, they summarize existing knowledge and scholarly research, and their entries often include citations to the sources used to compile them.

A reference source is generally not something you will use as a source in a research paper. However, it can be a good starting point for your research on a topic because you can gain a background understanding of current knowledge and theory about that subject, and the citations can lead you to good secondary sources and related works.

Print Reference Sources

Reference books are marked with red stickers on their spines. They do not circulate; you must use them in the library. 

Call Numbers for Reference on Children's Books

If you want to browse the library stacks, you can use these call numbers to find books about children's books:

PN 1008.2-1009.5 Juvenile Literature

Z Bibliography. Library Science. General Information Resources

Z1037-1039 Books for special classes of persons (including children)

The P section is on the third floor of the library stacks, and the Z section is on the fourth.

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