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Sex and Gender: Reference on Women in History

Women in History

Nash Library has reference books in print and online that focus on women's contributions to a variety of subject areas and social roles at various points in history. This page includes an assortment of current and historical titles. Both types of books can be relevant to your research; newer titles can provide a long-term retrospective view of a person's life and achievements and relate them to current events. Older titles can show you how a person was perceived during her lifetime or shortly after her death. Older titles also may include information about people who were considered significant at the time of the book's publication but since then have received less scholarly attention.

Electronic Reference

Print Reference

Women in General Reference

Check the "regular" reference books too for information about notable women in different fields.  Many reference books strive to fairly recognize the achievements of all people. General reference books can also help you gain a broad understanding of a subject area or historical period; this is important context that gives you a deeper understanding of the roles and achievements of women in that subject area or at that time.

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