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Foundations of Life Science: Introduction to Scientific Thinking


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Introduction to Foundations of Life Science

A narrow stream cuts through a field of tall green prairie grass. There are hills in the background. The sky is blue with puffy clouds and the sun is bright.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Fen Wetland Restoration, Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program project in Ovando, Montana, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License

This is the LEO Guide to the IDS Foundations of Life Science course. It is organized by by broad subject area, which reflects the integrated nature of life science.

Each subject area includes journal articles from both USAO subscription sources and freely available through open access, free websites with scientific information, online and print reference works, and ebooks. Some of these are written at an easily accessible level, while others are written for scientists and thus are more difficult.


Life Science Databases

You can use these databases to find science articles.

Subject Guide

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Science Education Standards

Retractions & Correcting the Record

Occasionally, scientific papers are retracted by their publishers. Retractions typically occur because an article is found to be fundamentally flawed. These flaws may range from accidental technical errors to deliberate fraud. Retractions are an important way that the scientists correct their body of knowledge, ensuring that only trustworthy studies continue to be used.

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