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A testing device created by wiring a telegraph switch, a metronome, and a solid metal disc with a small cutout section. A round piece of paper with words printed on it is placed under the disc. One word is visible in the cutout section. Each time the metronome ticks, the disc advances one word.

Fig. 63. Mnemometcr von RanscJiburg. Bei jeder Schwingung des Metronoms wird dieScheibe um ein Feld weitergedreht und bietet das nächste Wort zum Lesen. Image from Internet Archive Flickr. Original from Lehrbuch der experimentellen Psychologie, by Joseph Fröbes, 1922 p.530. Public Domain.

This is a guide to psychology resources, including reference works, online databases and journals, and books available at Nash Library.

This guide is organized in tabs according to source type.  The References tab includes links to print and online reference sources. The Journal Articles tab includes links to databases and academic journals. The Books tab explains how to find psychology materials in the library using call numbers and subject headings. 


Using Library Search Tools

This is a quick introduction to the library's search tools. They are always located in the dark green ribbon at the top of library pages.

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Research Tips

EBSCO, one of our electronic resources vendors, put together these research infographics. View them all here or select the one you need from the list below.

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