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Languages: Reference Dictionaries & Grammar Books

General Information about Languages

Dictionaries & Grammar Books

Nash Library has the following dictionaries and grammar books available as reference sources. We have a particularly good collection of reference sources for Native American languages spoken in Oklahoma. Reference books are marked with red stickers on their spines. They do not circulate; you must use them in the library. Click on a book to go to its catalog record.


In almost all cases, Wikipedia is not acceptable as a source in academic research. Anyone can add or revise Wikipedia content, and that content may be incorrect, incomplete, or biased. The only people overseeing the quality of the content are other Wikipedia users.

In contrast, the reference sources here are by academic publishing companies, and the entries have been written and edited by experts.

Wikipedia can be useful for getting a quick overview of a well-studied, non-controversial topic. Then, with that background established, you can proceed to scholarly sources. Be wary of articles on obscure or controversial topics, as they are more likely to be biased or to be the work of a limited number of people. 

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