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Languages: Journal Articles

Finding Academic Articles

For some assignments, you may be asked to use journal articles or other peer-reviewed material. These articles are written by scholars, and each is reviewed by other scholars before it is published to ensure it meets academic standards for the field. Many journals are published online, and most of Nash Library's journal collections are online only. You may find articles by browsing through specific journal titles or by searching through many journals at once using a database.

If you are connected to the internet on-campus, you are already logged in to all of Nash Library's online databases and journals. If you are off-campus, you will have to log in using your USAO credentials. 

Databases for Articles on Languages and Language Education

Databases allow you to search within a vast number of publications to find journal articles and other sources, including books, book chapters, conference proceedings, and dissertations. Because these databases are only accessible via subscription, you will find articles and other materials that you could not find using a simple Google search.  To see a list of all databases, click on Databases in the light green ribbon at the top of the screen.

Finding Academic Articles in Foreign Languages

The best way to find non-English articles is to use LEO Search. In addition to our subscription databases, it also searches through many free foreign-language databases. Some articles include links to the full text, while others are only basic citations; you will need to request those through interlibrary loan (or do a web search for the article title to see if perhaps the authors have archived a copy through their institution). You can use the Limit by Language option to select the language you want.

Academic Journals on Language and Language Education

Because the liberal arts are interdisciplinary, there are many different journals on different subjects that could contain articles relevant to your research topic. This is a short list of journals that focus on languages and learning languages. 

To find more journals on a subject, click Journals at the top of this page; then, in the "Browse by Discipline" box, click the subject you want to study.

Interlibrary Loan

Databases include records for thousands of articles, including ones to which Nash Library does not have access. However, you can get these articles through interlibrary loan. 

When you find an article you like, look for an interlibrary loan link. It will take you to the Nash Library Interlibrary Loan Form, which you can then fill out and submit. Nash Library will contact a library which has access to the journal, and that library will send Nash a copy. 

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