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Languages: Books

Finding Foreign Language Materials

Subject Searching

The basic Library Catalog search is a keyword search--you simply type your search terms into the box, and the catalog retrieves all the items that have your search terms in their catalog records.

Searching by subject is another way to find materials that focus on your topic. Each item in the Library Catalog has one or more subject terms (headings) assigned to it,  Once you have your subject terms, to search by subject in the Library Catalog, in the dropdown list under "Search for," select "Subject."  

This heading structure can be used to find books about a specific language:

Chickasaw language
You can substitute any language for Chickasaw.

Limiting a Search by Language

You can also use the Library Catalog (aka Advanced Search) screen to find materials in a specific language. In the dropdown Language box, select the language of materials you want to find. 

Finding Foreign Language Books in WorldCat

Nash Library has a limited selection of foreign language materials, but you can use WorldCat, a catalog shared by thousands of libraries around the world, to find foreign language books at other libraries and request them through interlibrary loan. In the Search Screen, enter your search terms and then select the language you want from the dropdown list. If you don't see the languag eyou want, click the show more languages link, and the list will expand. Once you find an item you want, click on its title and, under the Get This Item heading, click on the "Borrow this item from another Library" link. Fill out the form and submit it, and Nash Library will request the item from another library. 

Call Numbers

If you want to browse the library stacks, you can use these call numbers to find books on languages:

P Language and Literature

P Philology, Linguistics

PA Greek and Latin

PB Modern languages and Celtic

PC Romance languages

PD Germanic and Scandinavian languages

PE English

PF West Germanic languages

PG Slavic and Baltic languages and Albanian

PH Uralic languages and Basque

PJ Oriental languages

PK Indo-Iranian Languages

PL East Asia, Africa, and Oceania

PM Hyperborean, Indian, and artificial languages

PM 101-2711 American Indian Languages

These books can be found on the third floor of the library stacks. Remember that given the interdisciplinary nature of liberal arts studies, you may find useful books with other call numbers too. 

Interlibrary Loan--WorldCat

To find books from thousands of other libraries and request them through interlibrary loan, use WorldCat FirstSearch. You can search for books, journals, audiovisual materials, dissertations, and many other material types. When you find a resource you think would be useful in your research, you can fill out an interlibrary loan form, and Nash Library will request the book from another library. 

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